We are a small, family owned and operated business. We have a limited amount of Veterinarian hospitals and individuals who use our service so we can focus on quality and customer service during a difficult time.

Our business was started in 1992 by Trent Thompson who operated it until his passing in 2020. It is now operated by a team of family members and long time loyal employees. We all have the utmost care and compassion for what we provide for our customers.

Caring Pet Service is located in the tranquil setting of the Santa Cruz Mountains amongst the beautiful Redwood forest. We provide pet cremation services for the Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Valley regions.

We offer a variety of meaningful, custom handmade stoneware containers and beautiful wood boxes for your pets remains. We also offer a genuine paw print in lasting stoneware clay, which is included with a private cremation or when requested with a communal cremation.