At Caring Pet Service, we understand the importance of honoring your beloved companions with the utmost care and affection. That’s why we offer a range of unique urn types to cherish their memories.

Our River Rock Urns embody the serenity and timeless beauty of nature, while our Shape A Urns are designed with a touch of elegance and sophistication. For those seeking a more whimsical option, our Shape B Urns bring a sense of playfulness and joy. Shape C Urns, on the other hand, exude a classic charm that resonates with traditional tastes. And for a rustic yet elegant choice, our Wood Box Urns provide a warm and comforting resting place. With our diverse selection, we ensure that every pet receives a final tribute that reflects their individual spirit, leaving you with a sense of solace and cherished memories.

River Rock Urns

Blue River Rock
Brown River Rock
Green River Rock
Metallic Black River Rock
Natural River Rock
White River Rock
River Rock with Inset Photo

Available in all River Rock color variations.

Shape A

Shape A Brown
Shape A Natural
Shape A Metallic Black
Shape A Blue
Shape A Green
Shape A White

Shape B

Shape B Metallic Black
Shape B Green
Shape B Natural
Shape B Blue
Shape B Brown
Shape B White
Shape B with Inset Photo

Available in all Shape B color variations.

Shape C

Shape C Natural
Shape C Brown
Shape C Blue
Shape C Green
Shape C Metallic Black
Shape C White

Wood Box

Cherry Photo Tile
Mahogany Photo Tile
Rosewood Flower Box
Mahogany Paw Print Tile
Cherry Paw Print Box
Mahogany Name Tile
Cherry Name Tile